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Tati Citroprawiro

ERP and Hospital Information System, Suitable for Public Companies and Hospitals

As we already know, it is not very easy for business owners and the managers to know in details what is happening in their institutions since there are many divisions involved in running the daily activities. Therefore, it has always been the obsession for them to own a computerized system that runs in such a way to support their analysis and decision making. This system must be very easy to operate for the users, and at the same time give simple facilities for the owners and managers to review the integrated results in all aspects. They should be able to know the important things relating to revenue, expenses, position of assets and others. With this knowledge, it will help the owners and the managers to impose control to the divisions that might need their special attentions.

To meet the above requirements, apparently Citrosys is the answer. This is a management software consisting of ERP and Hospital System, which represents also a management software that supports the integrated handling of transactions in all divisions involved in a company. This system has been prepared using considerable amount of time which includes development, observation and trial run. This system was designed in such a way so it is very easy to operate. Many facilities are available to be used by the users to support their daily works.

This system has been developed in such a way to meet the basic conditions as follows :

  • Works with reliable database engines.
  • Easy data house-keeping.
  • Flexible relationships among the departments and divisions as well as with the external institutions.
  • Provides easy internal control for the managers and Board of Directors.
  • Provides simple and quick implementation
  • Supports the arrangements of physical data storage for the users so that any chaotic conditions of the documents can be avoided.

The accounting principles have been translated in the form of parameters and tables. Once the parameters and tables are correctly filled in, they could be used in the daily operations. Therefore, this system does not require users with high level of accounting skills or computer skills. Rotations of users can be made possible because it is easy to learn every part available in the system. Especially in hospital system, there are many tables used to support the processes and posting due to the various aspects and conditions that must be considered

As for the managers, they can display or print parts of the activities of their interest, since the system accumulates the actual figures during data posting. The data are provided with the item codes and item numbers based on the arrangements made by the company. For example, item code 02 which represents Job and item number 130-20-00 which represents Contract Maintenance. So, posting using the combination of 02/132-20-00 will show the transactions related to this item, in this case, expenses and billing.

The detail of transactions per month can easily be displayed on the screen, therefore, this is very sufficient to provide the internal controll purposes. Should anything happen in the operation that violates the company regulations, the managers can be notified directly by reviewing the detail records including who has generated the transactions. The posting accounts are kept in the item group and item subgroup data along with the default cost center and profit center.

This system consists of following modules :

ERP or general modules :
General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Inventory Control
Fixed Assets
Sales Order
Payroll & Personnel Administration
Job Cost
Maintenance Management Software

Specific module :
Hospital Information System

ERP modules or actually the general modules are implemented in all of business activities such as manufacturers, trading companies and many others. As for Hospital System, it is only run by hospitals. Besides the Hospital Information System, a hospital will also use some of the ERP modules. All of these modules will provide the integrated solution of the business processes.

Maybe you are already familiar with the above software modules. The way Citrosys is designed is different from the typical software available in the market.

The facilities involved in Citrosys have been developed in such a way in order to provide easy to use tools and simple solutions for complicated problems existing in the company. Special attentions have been given particularly on the inventory control to avoid the prevention of material issues due to the lateness in entering the material receipts, as long as the physical stock are still available. This is particularly important for manufacturing and trading companies, and to support the rapid movements of medicines in the hospital system. The locations of the fixed assets can be tracked down in the cost centers of the company as well as in other places such as at the clients, employees, suppliers, patients or any other locations.

Many programs are available, so that it is very easy for the users to decide which option to use in entering the data. E-filing facilities are available for tax data and others. The payroll system include the employee loans, income and tax reconciliations and other facilities. The purchasing module takes care for the automatic handling of the landed costs of the imported goods. In all modules there are facilities to handle the employee advances properly.

Besides printing to the paper, if requred, the reports and documents can be printed to a text file. Most of the reports are also available in EXCEL spread sheet. If required the reports and documents can be generated in XML file, and also can be directly emailed to the related parties. For example, dunning letters to the customers. If necessry the system can also produce the reports in the form of HTML files to be opened using the browser, and also image files such as GIF and JPEG.

In order to know more about the system and how it is implemented in the business, please read our presentation in this website. We are available to give you the presentation of Citrosys management software any time at your convenience.

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